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Version 9.0

Simple parts require a simple programming system.


Shop-Talk is simply the fastest, easiest and most affordable conversational programming system on the market today.  What takes hours on most cam systems takes us only minutes.  No cam system gets you from print to G-Code faster and easier than Shop-Talk's Cad/Cam programming systems.


          Lathe-Cam Programming System                     Mill-Cam Programming System

















How does it work?


The programmer enters simple English text commands using the same logic your CNC machine uses. Commands like Tool Change, Rapid, Face, Rough, Point, Line, Circle, Chamfer, Corner, Drill, Groove, Thread, and many others to drive the tool path.  After you select one of the Icon buttons from the right side menu,  you will be prompted for the answers. All you do is answer the questions and you will immediately see the results on the screen with full tool animation.


The major difference between Shop-Talk and other Cad/Cam systems is that Shop-Talk can be used in conversation mode or you can import geometry to trace the tool path or both.


You will never need a calculator or have to trig a triangle or calculate a radius again.  These simple English text commands are then processed to the G-Code your machine understands.


The smart icons guide the user from defining the material, selecting tool's and creating the tool path. Users all over the world have found out just how fun  and easy CNC programming can be using the Shop-Talk Cad/Cam conversational software.