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Version 9.0

The CNC CAD program is a very powerful screen sensitive geometry program which draws points, lines, and circles as you define them. You can get the coordinates for intersections and tangencies with double precision accuracy.


Using a mouse, select the point, line, or circle type to draw. To draw a circle tangent to 2 existing lines, simply touch the 2 lines with the mouse and enter the radius size. The new circle will appear on the screen. If the screen becomes too confusing and cluttered with lines and circles, select the trim option to make the drawing more visual. CNC CAD allows you to zoom in and out of any area of the screen.


The Shop-Talk CNC CAD program was specifically designed to allow the programmer to easily draw and trim part geometry, then import to Lathe or Mill-Cam to generate the machine tool path.


Shop-Talk Cad


6 point types, 8 line types, and 9 circle types


Full zoom in and out, Pan right, left, up, or down

Trims lines and circles

DXF in or out to other CAD packages

Draw in 9 different colors

Measures distance between points

Delete an Undelete up to 5 entities

Mirror X, Y

Rotate objects

Output screen image to printer

Output list of defined geometry to printer

Works in X-Y mode for Mills & X-Z Mode for Lathes


Completely Icon-Driven with pull-down menus